Manoj S. Abraham

Where the Tomorrows Go

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Click to enlarge cover Written by Manoj S. Abraham
Illustrated by Liz Urso
Published: May 2015
Genre: Children's Picture Book

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About This Book
Bella is a little girl who adores Gogo, her pet dog. When she learns of Gogo's sudden passing, she experiences some difficult thoughts and emotions for the first time. With some help from her parents, Bella opens her mind and heart to discover the happiness that lies beyond grief.

About The Illustrator
Liz UrsoLiz Urso is an illustrator and graphic designer based in New Jersey. She spends nearly all her free time working on her own designs in a variety of mediums - illustration, plush toys, and crafting. Liz sees being creative and making art as her 'therapy' and feels happiest when she completes a creative project. In her own words, "Making art makes me smile. Hopefully, as I begin to share more of it, it does the same for others."