Manoj S. Abraham

Sam's Three What-Ifs

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Click to enlarge cover Written by Manoj S. Abraham
Illustrated by Sherrie Molitor
Published: December 28, 2012
Genre: Children's Picture Book

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Why I wrote this book
In short, because I'm a father and I care about the kind of person my son becomes.

I don't know about you, but I see more and more children and young adults becoming obsessed with material possessions, physical appearance and accumulating wealth at any cost. I see kids who expect their parents to buy them the $300 sneakers, even when their parents are working two jobs just to put food on the dinner table. I see kids who don't care about the cost and demand an iPhone, simply because their friends at school have one. Worst of all, I see kids who hate themselves because their God-given appearance is just not enough—leading them to starve themselves, permanently alter their appearance or have poor self-esteem.

Certainly, the kids are not to blame and there's nothing wrong with wanting things. But somewhere along the way, we parents started to feel that it was more important to indulge our children's material wants and desires without emphasizing the values, character qualities and consideration that are essential towards becoming a GOOD PERSON first and foremost.

So I wrote this little book in the hopes that parents could use it as a tool to start impressing upon their children, even before they are able to read themselves, the importance of honesty, kindness and being giving. And for children who are starting to read, I hope this book facilitates a meaningful discussion between kids and their parents—just like in the story—about what type of person they should become and where their priorities should be.

Me and Sam
Me and Sam

I hope you enjoy this book as much as the many families across America who have purchased it do. Please share it with your friends and family, and take a moment to rate or review it using the links below so its message can reach even more children.

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About This Book
Sam is an inquisitive little boy who is full of questions inspired by his friends, television and surroundings. In "Sam's Three What-Ifs", he talks to his parents about the kind of person he should be. To his surprise, he learns that the things he should be are already well within his reach.

About The Illustrator
Sherrie MolitorSherrie Molitor has been a working artist for over twenty years and has a passion for illustrating children's books. She resides in Michigan with her husband, son and daughter. She is inspired by nature, a love of animals, Michigan's coastlines and her children.