Manoj S. Abraham

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February 1, 2013 - Print editions of Sam's Three What-Ifs are now available on Blurb! Get your copy today!

January 22, 2013 - Sam's Three What-Ifs has been selected by Apple's editors as one of their Favorite New Releases in Kids' Books. Click here to download.

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January 17, 2013 - Sam's Three What-Ifs is now available as a Kindle eBook for $1.99! Click here to download.

January 7, 2013 - Soul Crossing - an online novel - is released exclusively on Surfacing. Click here to read the first episode now!

December 28, 2012 - Sam's Three What-Ifs is officially released to the public as an eBook on iTunes for $1.99! Click here to download.

Manoj S. Abraham is the author of the children's picture book,
Sam's Three What-Ifs. His writing is also featured on Surfacing, a blog that showcases his poetry and creative writing.